Introduction to Trumpdisco

These two guys hail from Melbourne, Australia and despite trying to remain a little anonymous on the internet in their pictures, their sound is getting them a lot of attention. Their mixes and productions get played by the likes of the Bloody Beetroots who it is clear they take some inspiration from.

They bring a really hard sound that reminds me of Toxic Avenger at times and with these hard punk electro leads it is no wonder that they have started venturing into the evolution of hard sounds: dubstep.

This first song is how I discovered these guys and it took me completely by surprise. The remix of Teenage Crime by Adrian Lux starts out true to the original but the monstrous bass drop turns it completely on its head. It grabbed my whole body in a fit of rhythmic head banging. It left me wondering where the hell that came from and where can I get some more.

Teenage Crime (Trumpdisco)  – Adrian Lux

I was happy to find lots more from these guys and this wont be the last you hear of them! personally, anyone who does a remix from Lord of the Rings gets my undying love. Just my luck its another perfect ingredient to this bassheads blackout BBQ

LOTR – Trumpdisco



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