beautiful & quirky voice of K-Flay! : 5AM – SomethingALaMode (Original + Remixes)


I love this girl’s voice, i hope she will be collaborating w/ more electronic music producers or once again join SomethingALaMode to produce another one of these melodic beauties! It is interesting to hear her singing as usually she raps and freestyles as you can hear on her mySpace. The cello & violin conglomeration topped off with beats & synths create a signature sound that is SomethingALaMode — a Parisian duo that decided to push the boundary of the classic instruments resulting in a Modern Baroque Sound. Enter K-Flay with her flare and witty lyrics and we got 5AM. This is my favourite track by them, and I’ve had it stuck in my head for the last couple of days… 


When i heard the original, I thought there must be a more juiced up version! And a juiced up version there was.. it was done by Pance Party and at the time it was posted up for free on their website. This is not your hard electro beats, just a lil deeper and more purring synth lines.


click to dl : 5 AM - SomethingALaMode (Pance Party Remix)

Another mix comes from Valerna, a duo from LA. Even more electro spice, but not overwhelming whatsoever.



– sq.face


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