DIMMAK @ the PNE Forum: a review

Steve Aoki has a special place in my heart. The man popped my electro cherry!! He was my first electronic music concert back in 2008. First person to crowdsurf over my head and spray me with champagne. First DJ I shook hands with. He opened my eyes and set the bar for what the energy should be like at every EDM show and few and far between have been able to bring it like he does.

Steve Aoki is a professional party animal. I think thats the special thing about his shows, hes not putting on a set for you, hes partying with you. He engages the crowd on a level that can only be reached when you spend more time in front of the tables than you do behind lol. I love watching the guy, one of the top performers in the business


The award for best show goes to, without a doubt, the Bloody Beetroots-Deathcrew 77

I dont think the Beetroots get the respect and devotion they deserve, at least at this show.. I blame the all ages thing. fuck. I asked numerous people who they were there to see, Aoki or Beetroots?” and everyone EVERYONE said im just here for Aoki.. That hurts me a little inside. So then I ask them what their favorite Steve Aoki album is and they dont have an answer for me! That put a smug little smile on and i felt like a big music snob before saying come back in a few years when your legal and know enough about the artists to make a real opinion.. I didnt really lol. I was there to enjoy the show so I high fived them and said Aoki is the man 🙂 these youngins dont know it now but they have a bright future of EDM ahead of them and that was kinda beautiful too.

Sir Bob Cornelious Rifo, Tommy T, and Ed Grinch AND Dennis Lyxzén from Refused! absolutely destroyed. I cant say it was rowdier than the commodore.. but maybe thats because I was the obnoxious one this time around haha. I MOSHED HARD. lost my voice. thrashed and jumped twice as high and as hard as everyone else. I even had a little radius of dont go close to that crazy guy for a little while and I was damn proud of it.

The music was just amazing, I brought a friend who is first and foremost a guitar guy so I got him to come based on the punk rock side of the show. Its incredible how seamlessly they crossover from the heavy electro to punk. It makes a lot of sense because their productions are clearly very punk influenced but the first time he busts out that face melting electric guitar I was close to tears.. and it wouldnt be the first time lol.

BIG ups to the DIM MAK family, Steve obviously has an eye for amazing talent because he signed all these all-stars. AutoErotique and Felix Cartal were great and I hear the after party with them was awesome too.

Cant wait to see these guys again.

Devote follower to the Church of Noise,


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