still waiting for Justice!

Rumors , Rumor, Rumors!

So I dunno about you guys, but I remember the rumours that Justice is coming out with a new album this year . I mean, sure that’s great, but I can’t wait till the-guys-that-do-it-right hit us with another bomb! They did tease us with a single earlier this year, yet I hope that that wasn’t what the rumour was actually talking aboot!

click for a juicy taste.

When these electro gods dropped this single in march I had it + a dozen unofficial remixes on repeat, singing: “The beating of a million drums.. tana..tana! The fire of a million guns..tana! tana! The mother of a million sons…” under my breath for hours. Anyway, let’s all have a taste of this one…

On June 6th Civilization got rereleased with 2 remixes under Ed Banger Records. Mr.Oizo breaks the electro sound into a sample heaven. Grab a bite for yourself..

The Fucking Champs take Justice’s sound back to it’s origins with this metal rework.

My favourite unofficial remix would be by Jumping Jack Flash. Short and sweet, but there’s something about that slower more thorough hook line that just works.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to click that pic.

Cheers, children.

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