Avicii – Fuck the Music

I am the last person you would hear say those words.. it goes against every fiber of my being! its blasphemy! but its also the name of this Avicii track that gets stuck on repeat every time it rolls in on my iPod. and roooOOOllll it does; it starts in my shoulders.. then without fail, my arm starts this little downward fistpump like im starting up a lawnmower. At 2:30 Timmy B turns the synth up to 11 and all hell breaks loose. I cant even control myself at this point. The hips already joined the dance party and eventually my right leg starts flailing because there isn’t enough room in my extremities for this much rhythm. This song is dangerous and contagious.

Disclaimer: Don’t listen to it in the shower, you will hurt yourself.


your shameless dancer,


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