The real Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

Ladies and gentleman, you may not know that before the house music super-star Calvin Harris was headlining electronic festivals and destroying dance floors, he was a pop star from Scotland! and kind of a big deal to boot. His early albums always had an electronic edge which made it easy for him to make the full transition into Djing. However what his most recent releases have been lacking is his VOICE! The lanky Scot has a set of pipes, which is why im so excited about this new single, Feel So Close, which feature the classic CH sound you find in You used to hold me, and Acceptable in the 80s

Its been a while since we’ve seen an album from this young man I sure hope hes got soemthing in the works. He has changed paths in the last few years and I believe hes really found his calling with the EDM scene. I want to hear some next level dance music emerge as he charges up the DJ charts and keeps getting all the girls with that sexy voice

guy whose seen CH 3 times and counting (4 in two weeks),


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