Miike Snow : the new album + a remix of Sabali for ya!

Sabali (Miike Snow Remix)

So… Miike Snow

…yet another fraction of that swedish wave you might’ve read/heard me ranting about…

They are a 3-man band

Miike Snow = Christian Karlsson & Pontus Winnberg (Bloodshy & Avant) + Andrew Wyatt

2 producers (Svenska) + singer/writer (from the US of A). They have a friend named Mike Snow, decided to use his name for fun, but borrowing the spelling of Miike from a Japanese film-maker. The eclectic mix of ideas is resonated throughout their music & lyrics.

The outcome of this concoction is pure brilliance!

The purity of the soloist’s voice+the arpeggiating synths, carrying melodies is just pure success.

After releasing a studio album there hasn’t been much activity for Miike Snow but a few remixes and touring. They have now announced that they have locked down to work on their next studio album! I am excited, as I want more of the chill notes along with ambient tunes and an even dreamier voice. But for now they’ve came out with this remix of Amadou & Mariam’s Sabali. Have yourselves a juicy bite of it below.


Their album is filled with single-worthy tracks. One of them being Silvia–must be my favourite of theirs, partially due to the remix support. Remixes by Felix Da Housecat, Sinden, Roboberget, and more including the best one done by a Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South! Everything just works in this one!


Another brilliant track off the album is In Search Of, promptly after its release the Crookers released their remix of it on their album: Tons Of Friends under the name Remedy. On my mind the hook of In Search Of is the flagship of Miike Snow’s sound.


Those swedes!!

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One thought on “Miike Snow : the new album + a remix of Sabali for ya!

  1. Vk says:

    Bru, that sabali remix is so sweeeeede!

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