Lykke Li

So! Let’s keep on surfing the Swedish wave. Next up, Lykke Li – an Indie-queen. This 25-year-old’s sound is exactly what I’ve always thought indie to be. She brings a chill note, an experimental sound, but hot Damn does she remix well. Curiously enough,  that is how we found out about her, in a search for some good indie-electro Lykke’s venture into my iTunes was about 3 years ago with tracks like Little Bit (Death To The Throne Remix) and Breaking It Up (Punks Jump Up Remix) really catching my attention. I thought, wow this girl’s voice really works!

Here’s a video of Lykke Li + Miike Snow singing together.. Oh, what I’d give to be at that show, it so so sweede!!!

And then came her collabo w/ Kanye, NASA & Santogold all in one track: Gifted. With huge remixes by Aoki and Aston Shuffle! The way the lyrics intertwine in this song makes me sit real uneasy and wave my head side to side…

Gifted (The Aston Shuffle Remix) – Lykke Li

The latest singles from Lykke were Sadness Is A Blessing and I Follow Rivers. Let’s not forget the upbeat rework: a great remix of Lykke’s Paris Blue by Death To The Throne is a hard electro pumper.


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