There are lots of producers that can make the hair on the back of my neck stand up but none of them as consistently as Congorock. Signed to Fools Gold Records, Rocco Rampino is based out of his home town in Lecce, Italy where he emerging as one of the heavy hitters in deep fidget house. I’m on board with any trend that delivers bangers like Congorock and his countryman the Bloody Beetroots, Crookers, and Gigi Barocco have been doing. Keep it up Italy.

Since the first time I heard it live, until this day and hopefully forever, his song Babylon sends violent shivers down my spine. Not just as a DJ but as a producer Rocco has the amazing ability to carry tension all the way through a song that keeps you on your toes and in my case in the air from jumping so high. Even past the tremendous baseline drops, his songs somehow continues to rise in a never ending climax of jungle house filth.


Babylon has made a huge impact on the EDM scene. Its been played by everyone, everywhere,  and Congorock is getting some major recognition. After a hugely successful tour with A-trak, he is on his own tour now with his own supporting cast of up and coming dance floor killers: Peacetreaty. Look for Rocco coming through Vancouver to once again test the strength of the dance floor at Celebrities this Stereotype Friday.





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