looks like our man Wolfgang Gartner is hard at work and soon due for a debut!

You gotta love the man who has been instrumental in defining the sub-genre of complextro. I still remember the first time I let my ears feast on the clusterfuck-of-sounds of a drop that this man unleashed with Firepower and 5th Symphony. I mean at first, my dancing feet were confused, but that confusion led to an elemental tease to really get them going. With the release of these tracks Joey Youngman definitely made a milestone that made house music make a turn in the right direction.

Now as the Texas based producer has developed and grown, he is releasing his debut album on (scheduled for) 20th September 2011 by the name of Weekend in America.

weekend in america - Wofgang Gartner 


       1. Get Em (feat. Eve)
       2. Ménage à Trois
       3. Shrunken Heads
       4. Forever (feat. will.i.am)
       5. 818
       6. Confession
       7. Space Junk
       8. Circus Freaks
       9. Illmerica
       10. Still My Lady
       11. Champ


The latest single floating around the internet is Ménage à Trois, which will appear on the album. Check’er out!


And I’m sure you’ve already heard Forever, Illmerica and Space Junk. Lest you forget, have yourselves a listen…

Check out this vid for Forever..                         LOL (2:11)





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