steve Aoki be teasing us with Earthquaky People + the new album!!!

So as we are getting ready to go back to the place of inception of the blackout bbq for identinty festival at the gorge in george, WA, Steve Aoki is releasing a teaser for his new single Earthquaky People featuring Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. This one seems to be a melodic sing-along.. with that easygoing beat in the background which reminds me of the Chris Cornell Remix! with a nice n stabby synth lead upping the intensity with that Dada Life taste to it… Have urselves a listen..


Obviously we are anxiously waiting for this album, especially if this single is anything of a sign of what the cd will bring. I’m sure you ve also heard of his single No Beef w. Afrojack. Well, here’s a video for y’all to enjoy.


…and of coures the bbQrew is very disheartened to know that Aoki himself will not be attending the Identity Festival at the Gorge near Seattle,WA… It’s a bummer because this is probably the stop of the tour that will draw the most Canadians to all the shows. I mean, we really know how to party AND theres a lot of us.. Why would you not show up, Steve!?

For those of us that are going though, here’s a little preview of what to expect from the festival…


Long live DIMMAK

Thanks kids,

truly yours, sq.face

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