deadmau5 : Where My Keys

Ok ok ok.. so it seems like everyone in the electro world is cooking up their albums to release by the end of the year.. This is gonna be one hell of a fall!!!  Tis the season to be jolly if you know what I mean..


So mr. Deadmau5 is touring with his Meowingtons Hax tour… for i feel like it is to be the hype machine for his next album which I’m expecting will be brought upon us promptly (w.e the definition of that time frame is..) and will be mostly revolving his beloved cat.

A single is out on beatport for us to enjoy in anticaption.. so check it, it’s called Where My Keys : and I like!


Also a lil video from his website.. pretty cool vids up on there :

adios kids,

truly yours, sq.face


2 thoughts on “deadmau5 : Where My Keys

  1. Brian Shott says:

    This song seems to be missing a bit more than his keys, me thinks..

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