david Guetta : Nothing But The Beat – the 5th album (best of)

As we mentioned before, David Guetta has now released his 5th studio album…

This is a must have.. Get it. Download it. Buy at HMV. Buy it on iTunes. Download from where you can afford it. Do it. BUT.. make sure to get the version that contains 2 disks… NOT the US version…


Nothing But The Beat blackoutbbq. album cover


So the reason for that is cuz the goodness lies on the second cd. We already mentioned the singles Lunar and Glasgow..

I would say the whole 2nd disk is simply delicious, with the likes of : Metro Music (very Daft Punk), The Future, Dreams & Sunshine (w/Avicii)… But the honourable mention goes to: Alphabeat! My vote goes to this one for the best track on the album!

Not to mention having listened to the ready-to-take-over-the-radio Disc.1, I can also say… not badd D.G. … not bad…

As seen on novanation:

Nothing But The Beat, one of the hotly anticipated releases of the year, pushes the boundaries of dance music even further. In David’s words ‘I’m not trying to be credible, I’m trying to be incredible.”

 “The first part of the album is more emotional, more songs, more human,” he says. “The second part is based on synthesizers, it’s more technical and mechanical.”

 “For me, I always wanted dance music to be as big as hip-hop, as big as rock and pop. And I just wanted to change those rules because the way I see it it’s just about good music, it’s not about if it’s underground or mainstream, it’s about it being good.  To be able to have the most credible DJs on the planet play my records and at the same time to hear the same records on the radio and have children that can sing my songs and party.”

Ciao, bambinos!

truly yours, sq.face

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