Identity Fest WARM UP

The BlackoutBBQrew is descending on The Gorge Amphitheater once again to wreak havoc with refriend beans, HIGH LIFE, shitty tequila, delicious delicious sangria and most importantly: filthy filthy BEATS!

We here at the BBQ feel its our responsibility to have you all properly prepared for some next level beatzing and neck breaking. We dont want any sprained neck muscles-sore dub backs-weak flimsy womp arms or any other electronic dance music injuries or ailments. Full, uninhibited euphoria shall be experienced at all times. No exceptions.

We present to you, the ID fest warm up mini series to try and give you but the tiniest glimpse of the raw awesomeness this weekend will be. Showcasing the incredible lineup to either introduce you, or get you absolutely fucking hyped to see your favorites.

Cheers, from the BBQrew


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