Come and see the Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights is the only show I need to see at this festival and I could be completely satisfied. I discovered ID fest a fews months ago after the first PL concert blew my mind so hard I looked up the rest of his tour so I could follow him like a groupie. Who knew he was gonna be headlining my favorite venue in the world? Im looking forward to possibly the best show of my life.

PL is the musical exploration of Derek Vincent Smith, a colorado native with such a rich musical background he has the ability to draw inspiration from the widest range of music. His last two releases have been pegged as Country Dub Hop and Hip-Hop Classic Rock Downtemp Dubstep. What? His discography will take you on a journey through samples from everyone from Pink Floyd to Biggie Smalls to John Denver. Regardless of genre or classification, PL takes classic songs -amazing in their own right- and gives them an electronic soul. Never forgetting, and always paying homage to the original, PL can turn a song on its head, mellow it out, or turn it into a dance floor destroyer.

In an era of music pirating and legal sampling battles, Pretty Lights has emerged with the simplest business plan of all time. He gives his music out for FREE. No Joke. Thats no link to some torrent site. His entire discography is available for download because hes fucking awesome. He has been accused of ‘ruining the system’ but thats a joke.. It has earned him one of the most loyal fan bases on the planet and his live shows are so next level, I would  pay U2/Kanye/Elvis amounts of money to see him. He makes music for the love, and we love and support him for it.

Music/Vids/Art after the jump!!

This remix was done after Derrick asked his facebook page what song he should remix. I couldnt personally think of anything more random, but in true PL fashion, he turned a country folk song into an electronic banger

What makes the motherfucker so damn fresh?    welcome to the next level.

ask around the streets man, im certified

This is Derrick remixing his own song Finally Moving on the monome. The monome is a pimp as shit instrument that lets you cut and loop live and is extreeeeeemely hard to play. PL kills it, naturally.

Unreleased track: I Know The Truth holy fuuuuck. no mercy

This is his latest release: Pretty Lights vs Led Zeppelin  its samples seven count em, SEVEN Led Zeppelin songs! It captures a generation of the most classic of classic rock and infuses the energy of modern electro. The monster synths and dub hop beats threaten to break your neck, which I would be totally fine with if I could just lay there and watch the rest of the set. The Red Rocks amphitheater the best venue in the world.. its my mecca.. this is my dream concert! But it wont be better than seeing him tear open The Gorge whilst beatzing with my BBQrew. See you there!!

You should also explore his website for all kinds of visual media, wallpaper, and that kinda stuff. The guy just oozes cool shit.

-Brian Shott


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