ID artist spotlight – Rusko (bro step?)

Rusko is on the top of the dubstep wave thats crashing over the electronic music world. If you are familiar at all with dubstep you are familiar with Rusko. Hes from the same little scene in the UK that all the dubstep originated from but he has taken it up and out of the underground and come into some heavy fire for it. People sometimes use the derogatory word bro-step to describe his music but I see that as unfair. The dubstep we hear now is not what dubstep was when it started so it almost calls for a new label. It was the stickler underground scene that dubbed it  Bro-Step (word play, hooo) once Rusko evolved the music into something faster and more energetic for bigger audiences.  Im always reluctant to point fingers at people for selling out because 1. im not a hipster douche and 2. I dont think anyone should be criticized for taking their music to a higher level.

So, is Rusko traditional dubstep music? maybe the wave has crashed and its turning into something else (metaphor kinda lost steam there lol)  But one thing remains true. He absolutely DESTROYS my sub-woofers and works me into a disgusting sweat every time I dance to his music. Which gets my seal of approval every time!! enjoy these songs to get your bass-face warmed up and those dub arms stretched out! this ones gonna be sloppy

more chunes after the jump!

Rusko also puts on the rowdiest concerts of all time, his stage is rigged so the tables float on a steel structure just so you can see him jumping and dancing around back there. And does he ever.. he probably sweats more during his sets than the fat kid with his shirt off.


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