Church of Noise : our religion

the Bloody Beetroots are a veggie of their own … These are no vegan-friendly roots, not  even a vegeterian diet shall suit.. This is as meaty as this business gets. A pure power of the stain-your-clothes-forever blood-red beetroots. An assault of the butcher shop. And if you’ve ever experienced it a personal attack on anyone watching.

Here’s the latest teaser recently posted on their website… It seems our religion is now starting to lay down some ground rules to follow. Watch and prepare yourselves for the revolution..


Ok maybe im exaggerating a little… but I just put their Etienne De Crecy Remix of Welcome onto my iPod again and I can’t stop listening to it.. The visual strike from the live shows are just a quarter of the pain and energy you would experience attending one of ’em. Feast your eyes…


I mean alright the guys started dj’ing, but realized that their punk background can help morph their fidget sound into the even harder punk-electro they are now, and took on the Deathcrew 77 band that has been touring with the Church of Nosie tour and haven’t looked back..

Here’s them live at creamfields:


Make sure to check out House No.84 , Fucked from Above 1985 & Dissolve. Consider getting the Bloody Beetroots discography, if not, then definitely grab the Rombarama album and the Remixes Compilation. Both are golden.

ah… now i can go to sleep…
truly yours, sq.face


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