JUSTICE : new album : Audio, Video, Disco!

So the boys from Justice have finally cooked up a nice early christmas present for us. The album was said to be much lighter than the Cross album. Judging by the two singles that are out, it most definitely seems to be a lighter sound. I can’t wait to hear what the rest of it has to offer when it drops on October 25, 2011

Audio, Video, Disco

01 Horsepower
02 Civilization (w.Ali Love)
03 Ohio (w.Vincent Vendetta
04 Canon (Primo)
05 Canon
06 On’n’on (w.Morgan Phalen)
07 Brianvision
08 Parade
09 Newlands (w.Morgan Phalen)
10 Helix
11 Audio, Video, Disco

What I would really love for Christmas, however. Is a world ma fucking tour. These guys are on my very small list of Must See-Havent Seen artists and it would be epic to see them in Van.

Here’ s a Para One remix of the second single of the album: Audio, Video, Disco



And the Official Video:

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