weekend in america : Wolfgang Gartner : the best of the new album

It’s funny to call it the best of, this is more of a reassurance that the whole album is great. Weekend in America is Joey Youngman’s first full LP and is [in my books] the best electronic dance music album this year. Make sure to grab yourselves a Bonus Edition of the disc.

To put it in perspective.. if you liked D.G.’s Disc2 and think it was quite a good addition to your iTunes, then believe me, this is twice is good. The eerie sound of Gartner’s distorted organs are always a good touch, with the eclectic collection of his complextro genre the sound of the album really comes together to expose what Youngman is all about. There is a good exploration of different sounds throughout the album including 4 vocal tracks : Forever, Get ‘Em, Still My Baby and Circus Freaks.


       1.Get Em (feat. Eve)
       2. Space Junk
       3. Ménage à Trois
       4. Circus Freaks
       5. 818
       6. Forever (feat. will.i.am)
       7. The Way It Was
       8. Shrunken Heads
       9. Still My Baby
       10. Illmerica
       11. Champ
       12. Welcome Back [bonus track]
       13. Cognitive Dissonance [bonus track]

Throughout all the hype going on before the release the most anticipated track was probably Shrunken Heads.. But, despite the fact that it is good, I would choose Champ or Ménage Trois over it for the hardest hitting drops really showcasing his own complextro genre. Don’t get me wrong Shrunken Heads would get the most bass+distortion award, but there is plenty of good music on this album to rave about…

And of course lastly the bonus tracks: both are explorative. Welcome Back offers Wofgang’s take on your classic 4-beat-groove house music. Where Cognitive Dissonance is a melodic outro of the whole album. I quite enjoy listening to the whole album right through. Hope you will as well.

Enjoy, bambinos.

truly yours, sq.face


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