cyberpunkers bannerMore fucking crazy masked Italians? yes please!

I like to think of the Cyberpunkers as the Bloody Beetroots younger cousins. Similar in ideals, their music is rooted in rebellion and revolution, but the way in which is delivered is unique only to these paintballmasked electro-anarchists. Since 2006 they have been thrashing the club scene with post punk filth and even sharing the festival stages with the world biggest EDM stars. The only thing I ask of them is to keep banging out tracks that throw me into a spastic fit of headbanging. Which they do on the regular.. So maybe ill ask for a North America tour instead!

This song was on repeat so much on my last road trip, I literally got a rash from my seatbelt. It was a full blown -highlife fueled- dance party I somehow hosted while driving. Easily the most fun ive ever had in a car! much love to my BBQrew

Just after I discovered these guys I was at a JFK DJ set and he dropped this track. Needless to say it destroyed the dancefloor and I yelled the lyrics to the whole thing

And if you thought Toxic Avenger was the epitome of southern European trash disco, thing again

and this is a big ol’ live set thats available for download on on this soundcloud as well as their website

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