Alesso remixes : Devolution and Dúne

The young prodigy of Seb.Ingrosso is hard at work and is creating some good tunes out there. Here are a few remixes that caught my eye.

Devolution : Good Love ft.Amy Pearson (Alesso Remix)


This next one is a progressive house track that is chill, yet has an good synth bite to it near the end. This is a remix of a danish rock band by the name of Dúné.




Dúne : Heiress of Valentina (Alesso Remix)


If you like the tracks up thurr, you should also give an ear to the Adrian Lux remix of Johnossi’s What’s the Point which happens to be the first track I discovered Adrian Lux by.


Hope you’re enjoy life to this feel-good music…

ciao, bambinos!

truly yours, sq.face

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