Keys N Krates!

There’s nothing quite like discovering a sweet new band at a live show. Its why going to music festivals is my favorite thing in the world! But last Thursday there was no music festival in Vancouver. Just a free hip hop show featuring one of Canadas best hip hop acts: Classified. So I went, because ive been a long time Class fan and who doesn’t like partying on Thursdays?

As usual, Class killed it. But I didnt leave the show texting all my beatz fiend friends about his set, no. It was the opener Keys N Krates that stole the show for me.

In an era where bedroom DJs are flooding youtube and the internets with weak remixes upon remixes, these Torontonians are taking the remix to the next level: LIVE.  A show like you’ve never seen features live sampling, turntabling, and instrumentation all up in one hot ball of rhythmic awesomeness.

So A-trak ISNT the only surviving dance music turntablist! DJ Floinsky is making a strong case for the recovery of this dying breed. Flo keeps it fresh on the ones and twos while Tune hammers the beats and keeps the crowd bouncin the way only live drums can. Of course,  Keys N Krates would just be Krates if it werent for the soulful backbone of Matisse on the keyboards. Coming from hip-hop roots, they have expanded and been exploring all types of music,  incorporating everything from rock to disco house to indi, all in their very eclectic sets. Together they are defining the genre of live mix and learning there are few limited to where they can take it.


Is it any wonder that we like them here at the BlackoutBBQ? their upcoming album is the Blackout EP! it was meant to be me thinks


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