Steve Aoki + Rivers Cuomo : Earthquakey People : The first single from the upcoming album!

So if you think about it, Steve Aoki is for the most part, more dj than producer–if you judge him by the amount of songs he has actually produced. Think about it, he makes many compilation cd’s, yet never has he had his own full length album. And if you look at the number of singles he has produced? Well you can count them on your two hands. Wtf is my point? Well, its that its about fucking time Mr.Aoki!

Ever since I heard your remix of Chris Cornell’s – Part of Me i was hooked. And your announcement of the album was a pleasant surprise for the album-happy-year-of-2011 for the edm world. You are well in tune with your surroundings Steve.. In tune.

Anyway lets skip the smalltalk, and move on to the single. This one, as you might have guessed by the large title above is calle Earthquakey People which features Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo. A refreshing voice for the electro scene! This one is the kind of tracks that Axwell says does not exist.. [when Seb.Ingrosso says: “And then we need something that is just always up!” and he replies: “There’s nothing that is always up!” (vaguely quoted from Take One)] I would argue against our swedish friend there..

This is the track that is always up! And its gotta sick hook topped of with a sick vocal hook.. Its all hook and up.. Its the hook up.. (i know.. that’s a bad one..)

Original Mix

and a little remix for you, dubheads.
Dillon Francis Remix

love you, amigos!

truly yours, sq.face

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