Knife Party – ‘100% No Modern Talking’ EP

Ive touched on Knife Party on the BBQ before. Then, they had just burst onto the scene with a flurry of remixes and collaborations that could only be accomplished by a couple guys as established as Rob and Gareth from Pedulum.

They didnt ride Pedulums reputation for long however. With a world premier live set in Space, Ibiza, they set the tone for what would be one of the biggest electro acts to emerge in 2011. I had the pleasure of seeing their first show ever in North America and believe me, they stole the show from the likes of Skrillex and 12th Planet (and I LOVE skrilli and 12th)

I suspect these boys to make an even bigger impact in 2012. Playing Ultra and who knows what other festivals this summer, they are going to rise fast and go far in the EDM world.

Heres their first EP, ‘100% No Modern Talking’ that includes one of my favorites Internet Friends.


You can also download their live set broadcast on BBC radio one from Space for free  HERE.

Not to forget their collab with with titans of house music, the Swedish House Mafia, ANTIDOTE

And I couldnt leave out this banger, CRUSH


One thought on “Knife Party – ‘100% No Modern Talking’ EP

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