Miike Snow : Happy to You : new album + singles + movie

So Miike Snow have finalized the date of the new album and it hits the streets the week of March 26th. Happy to You is going to be another injection of quality music into the scene. Miike Snow’s got the ability to work with electronic instruments in the non-club-banger application, staying true to their style or genre, whatever that might be. For me this is the happiest midpoint between indie music and edm. Hopefully they will add Vancouver to their tour, but so far that doesn’t look likely, although they are hitting Seattle on April 10th.


The singles just keep piling up! Remixes by Joey Youngman, Alex Metric, Dity South, Jacques Lu Cont…


If you check out the two videos that are out now for Devil’s Work and this one for Paddling Out, it is evident that there is a movie accompanying the album as a series of music videos.

warning: This video is not for vegetarianos..

Happy to You:

01. Enter the Joker’s Liar
02. The Wave
04. Devil’s Work
05. Vase
06. Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)
07. Pretender
08. Archipelago
09. Black Tin Box (ft. Lykke Li)
10. Paddling Out
11. Garden
12. No Starry World

adios, muchachos!

truly yours, sq.face

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