Nobody puts drum in the corner

Here to save you from a boring sit down at a dull show are three guys cuter than Swayze. Spin-tastic turntablist Sjam Sjamsoedin, keyboard krippler Jori Collignon, and visual conjurer Rogier van der Zwaag are a Dutch Eletro-Dance trio that make up NobodyBeatsTheDrum. Born in Utrecht, Netherlands, these good friends cook with a vast array of breaks, hip-hop and house sure to get into your belly and make you wanna freaky-deaky.

Check out Blood On My Hands as a new theme song for getting a busted nose. As dirty as the floor of a dive bar, this track is a synth heavy brawl with catchy vocal jabs.


Prepare yourself for an all-out audio/visual experience if you get the chance to see them live. Rogier van der Zwaag is the director of mind-bending creations. Don’t believe me? Head on over to 100% Halal or give a click to his site.

Witness Poisson Vert:


Not enough for you? Still want to wait for someone to save you from “sit-down-party syndrome”? I suppose you want an insane effort that has broken the mind of its creator? I prescribe Grindin’:


On the remix front give an ear to Boemklatsch’s For The Future:


Remix of Krause’s No Guts, No Glory:


Upcoming shows include Sasquatch 2012  this May at the Gorge Amphitheatre and the Governors Ball Music Festival  in June with Major Lazer and Chromeo in New York. Any live show by NobodyBeatsTheDrum is certain to – in their own words – “whip the crowd up into a sweaty, writhing heap of body parts.”



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