SHM ready for the Winter Music Conference : Greyhound

It’s that time of year, again! When all the big boys crunch up and prepare for the Miami electronic music week. A week long assault of the hot n spicy city–an absolute kingdom for electronic music, a total dictatorship of beats. And of course the swedes are always doing things bigger than anyone else, and are preparing their masquerade motel tent to compete with all of WMC and Ultra. Without a fail for the last three years the boys have also come together to produce a massive tune for Miami. Hence, the birth of Leave the World Behind, One, and Save the World; and of course this year they have had to deliver again. But to add to the marketing powerhouse that is the Swedish house Mafia they also decided to partner up with another swedish giant– absolut. And sure you are screaming sell outs, yet that was the whole point of the SHM is to bring house music in a BIG way. And they now always do.

Alright enough ranting, here is the vid/commercial. Check it out, I think there are actually some successful sounds in the track, especially the dissonant lead.

Here is your Pamplemousse+Vodka by the Swedish House Mafia


Here is an even better behind-the-scene video w/ the Chris Larson editing style that we are so used to seeing with the boys.


hasta luego,

truly yours, sq.face


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