Is your audio diet balanced?

Why hello there! You must be a new patient. Well, let’s get started with your exam. No, no! Please, keep your pants on. I’m simply checking your ear diet. Hmm, I see a lot of high energy drops, unrefined murderess bass lines and heavy body dropping compression, but I think you are missing something. Ah, I believe your electronic auditory diet is malnourished in a specific way.

Take two of these and call me in the morning.

Yes, I see it is working, but for more I’m going to have to refer you to a specialist – the master of deep house therapy – Dr. Maya Jane Coles. She is a British-Japanese born perfectionist that started her practice at 15, her first musical study being hip-hop.  Every aspect of her medicine is hypothesized, every experiment successfully engineered, and the final dose personally delivered. The Maya Jane Coles remedy is so effective that peers in her field have taken notice including Caroline Hervé (Miss Kitten),  Laurent Garnier, Steve Bug, and John Digweed. In addition, DJ Mag awarded her “Producer of the Year 2001” and she established high debut placement in Resident Advisor’s “2011 DJ Poll”.

Most will know her for her study in minimal house under the label Real Tone. What They Say, released in 2010, is a perfect introduction into the characteristic of her work.

The following year she released nearly six EP’s under several labels including Dogmatik, Hypercolour, and  Mobilee. One of which contains the flawless track The High Life found on Focus Now EP.

Perhaps the best method of getting into her head would be to get your ears on her 2011 BBC Essential Mix. In two glorious hours you’ll find her love of minimal deep house but also a pepper of acid squiggles and tech house. Relaxing to her chill prescription you wouldn’t assume that Maya Jane Coles enjoyed an excursion into the faster bpm land of Jungle and Drum & Bass. To be fair, it isn’t a complete departure from her deep house sound but the addition of a confrontational bass line and jungle drum loops shows an confident element of  exploration. Check out her alias Nocturnal Sunshine:

Maya Jane Cole’s DJ Kicks release is a creation from a selection of some hard to find tracks. The mix combines Maya as a deep house producer and Maya as a dubstep slammer. Since you have an attention span of more than 140 words treat yourself to an incredibly informative interview in Crack Magazine. I really enjoyed her reaction to the gender issue.

Her doctorate in gigs spans the world including Fabric in London, Warehouse702 in Tokyo, and Electric Pickle in the States just to name a few. In the future, Maya Jane Coles has big plans. No Sugar Added alongside Paul Oakenfold and Carl Craig in Miami and Field Day with SBTRKT and Hudson Mohawke in London. There are many, many more, but sadly Vancouver is not one of them.  In the meantime, to get my fix, I’ll be melting into my favorite comfy chair next to a window taking in the city’s gray sky thinking deep thoughts.

Dr. Maya Jane Coles, this city is perfect for your new practice and the waiting room is filled with patients.

Dr. mfbq, PhD, OmG, EdD, MA, NSFW


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