Nero : Must Be The Feeling Remixes

Alright so Nero‘s Must Be The Feeling single has a massive remix package! Coming from the Welcome Reality album that dropped in August 2011

Flux Pavilion w/Nero, Kill The Noise Azari & III, Brookes Brothers, SebastiAn, South Central, and Delta Heavy all got their hands on this one and tweaked it to their liking. Plus there is the Live Version and Radio Edit, both different mixes of their own.

According to my scale, the 3rd place goes to SebastiAn from Ed Banger records. The way I see it, since he is alongside Justice’s record label, he realized that their new album is not what their first one was and thought since he can’t get sound from them he will make it himself. Hence the violin stabs and distorted organ synth, that progress thru the track from a slow half-track build to a harsh yet cool electro section. Eventually breaking down to half speed to allow you to really absorb the sound. (Sorry for my Justice rant). Here is the track.


The next spot goes to South Central, a good electro pumper.


And the 1st place goes to Kill The Noise. I feel like his name speaks as a precise description of his sound. This track reminds me of some early Feed Me sounds. Love this one.


(Now, I was also going to post the Delta Heavy mix as well, but theirs is quite similar to Kill the Noise’s, so be sure to check it out)

Remixes aside the Live Version of this track is very good. Be sure to treat your ears. This video/radio version doesn’t do this track justice.


Later children,

truly yours, sq.face

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