Parisian in the house

The Night Out” is a track that is quickly snowballing remixes. One of which is A-Trak. While the original done by Martin Soveig is light happy-do-lucky trip to the park, A-Trak takes a hot and sweaty detour into a nasty, nasty drunk bass synth head bagging ally.


 Madeon and more will be taking part in the “The Night Out” EP which is going to be dropping on April 2nd. In anticipation of Martin Solveig’s release let’s take a quick look at the man behind the Hello.


Martin Solveig‘s chart smashing single “Hello” with Dragonette was a hard to avoid tune during last year. Currently it has surpassed 17 million views on YouTube. He had a hand to play in Madonna‘s new release MDNA and also produced  “Ready 2 Go” with Kele Okereke. However, the world of musical releases was a uneasy start. His own label “Mixture” supported by Claude Monnet was launched in 1999 . His first studio release Sur la Tere contained the track Edony (Clap Your Hands). Africanism organic drum loops dominate a classic 4/4 time accompanied with a vocal sample of a female storyteller. The 2nd studio release of Suite in 2003 proved more fruitful and placed a humble 84th spot on the french charts (SNEP). Keeping within the Africanism theme, the track “Madan” on Suite was produced along side Salif Keita, the “Golden Voice of Africa”. The 3rd release was Hedonist in 2005 and it reached 48th on french charts. It wasn’t until C’est La Vie in 2008 that things started to really heat up.  For better or worse, Martin transfered away from African drum loops and took on a mixture of house, pop, funk and hip-hop. One of the tracks “Jealousy” had the vocals of ’70s funk Lee Fields. On the same album appears “Everybody” and “Something Better“. 2011 containted Smash and it’s been a non-stop party from there.

As a person, Martin Solveig (real last name Picandet) seems like a lovable goof. It only takes one music video to see his energetic fun loving nature. He was born in Paris in 1976 and sang as a boy  in Cathedrals. “The Night Out” actually samples his own voice. As he grew he was inspired by Detroit techno Inner City, french rap NTM and the pop legend Prince. “Champs Disques” was a record shop he frequented. He dug through crates looking for track treasure and soon Martin found a job there too. His appreciation of the arts is not limited to music. His stage name is a tribute to a European actress named Solveig Dommartin. Films by Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, and Quentin Tarentino as some of his favorites. He is also know to view art shows. For a better look inside his head check out the interview by Daily Single. It is refreshing to read his response to “What is your favorite ‘drug’?” given the drama between drug use and enjoying an electronic music event.

Martin was present at the Pacha’s 6 Year Anniversary Celebration. Check out the interview with Angela Samartano. Keep in mind this interview was done before the release of Smash.


When Martin can put his tennis racket down he has been playing an international tour. Recently his shows mix a wide range of tracks but most of them are away from Aftricanism. His 2011 Essential Mix is expectedly filled with his own releases but also includes surprisingly heavy sounding artists like The Crookers, Doctor P, and Skrillex. The agenda for 2012 include New York, Las Vegas and  Coachella in Plam Springs, but that is the closest that he’s getting to Vancouver. For now “The Night Out” EP on April 2nd will have to do.

Smash the Headband!


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