You Can’t Measure Metric’s Madness

The British seem to have an unending stream of highly skilled DJs and Alex Metric is no different. Having remixed the likes of Gorillaz, La Roux, and Phoenix only adds to the his impressive input in production with The Infadels, Scissor Sisters and Snow Patrol. Hell, his music was even used as an intro in Forza 4.  A must listen is the remix album Open Your Eyes. The title track contains a partnership with Steve Angleo from the Swedish House Mafia.

I can’t recommend the remix album enough. You must tape down the loudness buttons for the re-edit of Beastie Boys‘s “Sabotage.”

In addition “Mother Protect,” and “Lisztomania”  have a special place in my musical device. I may have made a fool of myself when blasting Salt Skin. In error I thought that the vocal loop said “Thursdays” at 2.24. Yet I still like to scream that day of the week while dancing to this track because you can’t get excited about Thursdays all too often.

Alex Drury is not only a tall British bloke but also a giving one at that. His most resent Ammunition EP is a free download. “Rave Weapon” is a necessary bullet in any electronic magazine.

“Raveageddon” is another track that showcases Alex’s love of fat fuzzy synths. I love the quiet amen break drum loop used in the build.

In his mind an essential studio element is bad 80’s records and he is proud of it. Being solo is a comfortable fit for him as well. Alex started out singing in a band and today some of his track sample his own voice. However, he was tense with the production process of being a part of a group since he was “always at the will of other.” Check out Chika Aoki at Ukadapta for an interview and the story about the origin of his name. If you want to go deeper DJmag and Endclub have more Q & A in which Alex shares with us his favorite drink “Energon.”

Get an empty litre bottle and fill it with:

1/3 cheap vodka

1/3 Blue WKD

1/3 Red Bull

If you want to full up your drinks with live Alex Metric concentrated beats you’ll have to get your fix in London during July and the following month he’ll be in L.A. for HARD Summer.



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