Butter Up Your Satin Panthers

Hudson Mohawke  (Ross Birchard) from Glasgow started young. At the age of 15 he held the position of Scottish DMC and ITF finalist under the name DJ Itchy. In 2009, Ross signed on to Warp Records which is home to electronic heavy weights such as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and Flying Lotus.

One of Hudson Mohawke’s attractive elements is the unique arrangement of samples. In an interview on Clashmusic he states that he was nurtured by  “a lot of early-’90s rave and jungle and that’s where a lot of the random ‘cut and paste-ness’ of my music stems from.” The article by Tom Churchill also touches upon his approach to marketing. “Any success I’ve had has been as a result of not forcing myself in people’s faces and just letting people discover my music and make their own mind up about it.” This method has gained the support of hip-hop major Just Blaze and Hudson also blessed the airwaves with an Essential Mix on BBC radio one.

If you were lucky enough to witness sbtrkt at Sasquatch you would have heard the fantastically trippy “FUSE” from the album Butter.

How about a fuzz heavy Aaliyah remix? “Party Animal” is a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure it belongs in a Girl Talk mash-up.

Satin Panthers has weakened many a dancer’s knees. At least stay for the floor melting beats at 1:12.

The future is golden for Hudson Mohawke. He has been approached by a few major pop icons.  Love him or hate him, Chris Brown produced a track with Hudson Mohawke. “Your Body” was released last year. You’ll have to go to Europe to catch witness of a live show. He’ll be in London for BLOC in July with Snoop Dog and Flying Lotus. France will host him for Terrasse Palais des Festivals et des Congrés in August. Then off to Belgium for Pukkelpop with the Foo Fighters and The Black Keys.

– mfbq


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