the end of Electro as we know it.

Well your dirty little secret is out… Skrillex wins 3 Grammys, the Scene explodes, Paris Hilton “becomes” a dj… full stop.

We all saw it coming. The unique and original sound of underground dance music has become a playing field for shitty producers, hype machines and marketers. The not so hipster genre, has lost all credibility as it opened its gates to the masses and let itself be impaled by the raging, looking-to-find-something-fresh-to-copy member of the mainstream. If before you could be a hipster and listen to dance music, now you can’t. But I had such a good time dancing to that upbeat music instead of the regular r’n’r

Well boohoo. Who to blame, for making me move on to other genres to ‘stay ahead of the machine’? Paris Hilton. Well, at least she could be the latest scapegoat..



Ok ok. I think ths article is going too far with some statements, but thats wat you get out of an uneducated bias.

On a lighter note here is some elders reacting to Skrillex. (best part at 4:00)




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