Remix Artist Collective (RAC) @ The Waldorf

I saw the RAC at the Waldorf a couple weeks ago and I was totally blown away. It was a refreshingly dancy evening of hipster debauchery. I had been a long time fan of their music but was having trouble imagining how they could turn a massive arsenal of indi remixes into one of the most fun dance parties ive ever been to. Because they did just that.

No, I didnt crawl out of the Waldorfs cabaret room with a sore neck and back like I did after seeing Skrillex in the same basement. I’ve since learned raw energy isnt the only thing that goes into a great time. Skrillex can whip me into a frenzy really easy but its guys like RAC and James Murphy that leave me with sore cheeks at the end of the night from smiling just way too hard.

Im gonna leave here a couple of my favorites but highly suggest your check out their entire soundcloud because they seriously have like 150 amazingly chill and groovy songs on there.

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