The Cocktail Hour feat. LAZY RICH (happy birthday!)

This week im very excited to present a mix from my favorite Vancouverite DJ, Lazy Rich. This electro-house titan is far from a local however, hes a globe-trotting producer/DJ that runs his own label, BigFish Recordings, with another Vancouver heavy-hitter, Hirshee.

Considered one of the forward thinking leaders of electro-house and a pioneer of the cutting edge complextro genre, I can always count on Rich to find the hardest and crunchiest beats around. The first time I heard him was on a mix CD my friend made for me titled These beats will break your neck.  A thorough listen and a sore neck later I was hooked.

Ive seen Lazy Rich open for DJs and steal the show and ive seen him bring down the house on his own nights. But tonight at Celebs its his motherfuckin birthday!

Oh and he does killer monthly podcasts! This one is amazing, a few tracks will surprise you including one from none other than David Guetta but Rich promises it has fat bass (it does) and no cheezy vocals (it doesnt) check it out!

combine that mix with our drink of the week and you have the ingredients for a rowdy kitchen dance party.

Shout out to E&B Fish for creating this weeks cocktail- Blue Balls!

vodka and a fruit juice of your choice + a couple blueberry chasers 😉

Enjoy. And as always, happy Friday, lets get weird.


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