The Cocktail Hour feat. Chris Lake

Its ma fuckin friday!

My new favorite Scotsman (sorry Calvin) is Chris Lake. This dude has been around the block but I’m really digging his latest productions and remixes including work with my favorite Vancouver home boy Lazy Rich. Check out this BBC minimix Chris did for Chuckie. Its got a lot of groovey bangers that will defs put a smile on your face and get you head bobbin into the long wknd.

Chris also runs a music label called Rising Music which just released which im now calling my favorite song of the month, HOT MOUTH – TOTALLY WORTH IT. I cant get enough of it.. makes me wants to dance, smile, proclaim love, i dunno, crazy shit like that

The Cocktail

Ill be spending this weekend on my buddies Franch (farm-ranch, its a thing, look it up)  So with the respect to the Scotsmans previously mentioned and to the hard as fuck cowboys ill be pretending to be this weekend the cocktail of the week isnt much of a cocktail. Its Scotch. Scotch scotch scotch. Down in to my belly.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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