The Cocktail Hour feat. HOT MOUTH


I have been talking about Hot Mouth for months now. Hes been blowing be away with releases and remixes like this is bouncing big-room banger, Totally Worth It, and this crunchy remix of Sebastien Drums – French Rules. Now finally hes getting a coveted spotlight appearance in the BLACKOUTBBQs feature timeslot – ze coktail hour.

Just recently coming onto my radar I’ve been giddy with excitement for this up and coming DJ. What I didnt know until now is for 3 years Jon Pegnato was 1/2 of the majorly successful DJ duo LA RIOTS! This guy has been around the whole time! Since going seperate ways with the LA Riots project in 2011, Jon has been rocking dancefloors with own style of funky electro and making his own big waves in the EDM world. I funking love it. I cant wait for more.

Also, when will you be coming to Vancouver? tis not that far from LA.

get your groove on right here, kids.



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