Bump Day : Black Atlass E.P.



It’s officially Hump Day, middle of the week, and you know the weekend is far from where you are sitting but there is hope, there will be change! No need for Hump Day anymore, I officially declare every Wednesday to be BUMP DAY!! Turn up the Volume, Press Play and Bump those Tunes you Know and Love!

Now, before I go on and ramble about the music we all LOVE, I would like to introduce myself, a.tony. Thanks to Blackout BBQ, who has been gracious enough to allow me to add some creative hot sauce (addicted to the stuff!!) to the juicy, meaty, deliciousness you call Blackout BBQ. So, lets stop wasting time and get this thing cooking!!

Over the last couple of weeks, through my search for just the right tunage between electric joy and a humming baseline, I went straight to the youth of today. In particular, the Canadian youth has been showing elements of musical greatness in almost every genre but more importantly, seemed to be over-shadowed by our neighbours to the South. This is not the case in London, Ontario, where a young 18 year-old by the name of Alex Fleming is making waves with his emotionally charged melodies, deep-toned base and his Weeknd-like vocals. His ‘newish’ EP Castles is definitely just a glimpse of what we will see from Black Atlass and he certainly doesn’t disappoint.

In his video for the single Castles, it takes you to a dark place with sand, flashing lights and a dam nice car (my guess, 1969 Mustang) but keeps you engaged with his subtle voice and commanding bass line. Now, let the music speak for itself.

Take a listen. Comment. Enjoi!


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