Tiga – Plush

Tiga, nous vous remercions, de nous avoir donné ce jour, notre rythme quotidien.

Translation : Tiga, we thank you, for giving us this day, our daily beat. And hell, we mean it.

Tiga is a French DJ/Producer based in Montreal (are you surprised?) Though he hardly needs any introduction, allow me to lift the veil on this extremely talented French DJ. Our boy Tiga is a godfather in the Canadian rave scene, establishing both the scene in Montreal and himself as a DJ in the early 90s. Given what we know about the 90s rave scene, it is no surprise that this man lays down rhythmic dancey beats that involve introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement. Tiga, le godfather, leaves no dance stone unturned.

So, let’s move through the last two decades (Juno award, Montreal’s first house-only record store, Montreal’s “Solstice” rave, Turbo Recordings, establishing Boys Noize) and here we are. His new single, Plush, is akin to the house pushing tunes of James Murphy and Proxy. Consistent, big build-ups … basically, Tiga doesn’t need a calculator  to know that he gon’ see us lata. Can’t wait to hear some Plush remixes!

Oh, what’s that? You want more house? Here, eat these remixes – mmm, satisfaction.


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