The Cocktail Hour ft. Chilly Gonzales


Chilly Gonzales is a French pianist and rapper who first caught my attention when there was news of him collaborating with Daft Punk for the new album (MARCH 13 SQUEEE!)

So who is this guy? Hes a classically trained piano player with an IDGAFOS attitude whos got the talent to back it up. And DAFT to the mutherfucking PUNK wanted to work with him.. That says enough I think. Here is the Cocktail mix where he covers classic rap songs with beautiful piano melodies.

Happy Friday!

This is one of his raps. Its not even that good but I just can get enough of all the fucks he doesnt give! He raps because he likes it and its a creative outlet.

This guy makes piano cool again. Ive always had huge respect for people who can play instruments in general but its hard to be this badass if your not playing the guitar or drums. Check out this piano battle that was on French TV (By the way… we have shitty popstars judging future shitty pop stars on our TV and France has freaking piano duels..) You can totally tell that Chilly is this new school rebel pianist facing off against a stuffy old traditionalist. I dont know a thing about piano or speak french but im sure Chilly is winning. He brings so much energy and its exciting to watch. This is just a portion of the battle but the whole thing is worth checking out

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