Do you remember your first time?

Oh, mine? My first time? The first time I ever heard a house album. Well, her name was Blossom by Agoria. I met her during my time at a volunteer radio station. After my show was done I’d stay late at the back digging through crates. I must admit, I wasn’t sure if we were right for each other. She was looking for a relationship and I (being young and stupid at the time) was sucked into a macho-bullshit-spread-my-seed-screw-anything-that-walks mindset. She told me to Think Different. I told my buddies about the Spanish Girl I met. Later, it turned out that she was french when I actually listened. We had regular Kofea together even if I wasn’t getting into her pants. And -boom- before I knew it, Stereolove. You know? Real, Organic affection. I still remember 2Thousand3. She showed me a new world. She was Presque Un Ange. I actually wrote a Haiku. She was Worth It.


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