Choose Wisely: Perfect Tracks with discipline.


Olivier Grégoire is a talented and restlessly motivated DJ/producer from Belgium. He is mostly know as Kolombo, but trying to take stock of all his release is a big job when you consider all this pseudonyms across many, many labels (8+). His approach to his work shows a joy of experimentation with several genres. Kolombo has grown a loyal international fan base from nearly all major land masses like Russia, Brazil, the US, and Europe.

To start, the latest track to drop is Nonstop! with Sharam Jey.

Check out the bass massive “My Own Business.”

“Whatever U Like” has a lively melody with a perfect grouping of hot and heavy lyrics.

Kolombo is proof that constant high production values which are coupled with an open mind and a hard work ethic are key to creating a sound above the common. I really shy away from using the term “minimal,” but his style is refreshing when compared to other producers and DJs that attempt to throw as much frequency and noise at their listeners as possible. Sometimes it is best to offer fewer sounds which are carefully selected.

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