Infrakt House Construction

So a good friend of mine has a baby on the way. His wife and him are a frugal couple and managed to save enough to get a down payment on a house. There is fine looking place in a nice neighbourhood. He also has a friend that is a professional home inspector. At first the father-to-be didn’t think it was necessary to accept the free inspection his friend was offering since the house was brand spankin’ new. It was build by Infrakt.

In the end the house was inspected. “Run” was all the shocked home inspection could say. “I have never seen this before. The kick and snare frames are solid but the cuts are coming through the walls. Sharp corners everywhere. Genres everywhere! If there is a beat storm the roof is going to jump off. This is not a place for an infant.  It can’t even keep in the sound!” The young family never put a penny towards the new construction.

A few days later the home inspector moved in and was always heard of again.


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