The Cocktail Hour ft. Sabota

Humans? Gang Signs? I know that voice.. who’s Sabota?

“Sabota means Saturday in Polish but don’t let that fool you, this man is a booty smacker.” -Urban Dictionary

The booty smackers personified are Robbie Slade (Humans) and Max Ulis. A couple of dudes I’ve been trying to keep a finger on here in Vancouver but just cant seem stop making new music groups!

Its not a complaint. Its all gold. I just need like, a personal text message every time something of theirs hits the internet or either of them step into a seedy club to play some music.

Keep it real, dudes of Hybridity!

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One thought on “The Cocktail Hour ft. Sabota

  1. […] the difference between an 808 in your headphones and an 808 in the club. We’ve featured SABOTA in a Cocktail Hour once before and I’m happy to introduce this mix that started it all over year ago. It […]

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