The Cocktail Hour ft. Hayden James

Happy New Year to my Blackout BBQrew!

I wish I had more time for postings over the holiday break but I was too busy doing the listening and dancing part of music hunting. And drinking, is drinking part of the job description? lets say yes.

So we’ve got some exciting music and events to share with you guys! I’ve become obsessed with everything on Australia’s Future Classics label. We’ve already been introduced to this weeks feature artist on the Cocktail Hour but perhaps your guys need more convincing about Hayden James.

We already know he can run with the big dogs because hes holding it down in the chillwave section of FC alongside the likes of our dudes Chet Faker and Flume. But Hayden stands out on his own when we steps up the BPM. I’ve been obsessed with his new single Something About You.

But this is the Cocktail Hour and that means you want a chuck of music to plug in and drift into the groove so enjoy this chillwave/dreamhouse mix by the talented Hayden James


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