The Cocktail Hour ft. Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon! Hands down, best festival discovery I’ve made to date! Artists like him are the reason I go to festivals. If you told me my favorite artist at Pemberton, in a year with Justice and Outkast, would be a bearded weirdo playing psychadelic vocal dance music, I probably wouldnt believe you. Ok, I might have believed you because I’m a trusting guy and you were very convincing.

DAN DEACON! he’s happy go-lucky dance music with a bit of dark flair mixed in. His live shows are something to be experienced and not explained but if I had to describe my experience it would be hypnotizing, intimate, hilarious, and so much fun. He kind of feels like an old friend, you immediately trust him as he proceeds to tear down social walls between you and your new friends on the dance floor.

He plays this thursday at my favorite venue, The Electric Owl. You should not miss it! Look what he can do to this office of NPR nerds. Its gonna be a good time. See you there!

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