The Cocktail Hour ft. A-trak

“Recorded a mix of some of my favorite tracks from the era of BLOG HAUS, INDIE DANCE, DISTORTED ELECTRO, FIDGET roughly 2007-2009. If you ever wore a neon-colored all-over hoodie you can probably relate…”

– A-trak

Ooooooh boy can I relate! this was my jaaaaaaam. The jammiest of jams! This was the stuff that turned me on to dance music. Arguably the most influential era of musical growth in my life and a huge turning point on what would come to be EDM. EDM culture eventually tarnishes these sounds but these guys were pioneers and opened a lot of people up to dance music. Its hilarious how dated this mix sounds but the nostalgia hits me in the face like a brick wall. It still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up like not a lot of music does these days.
It was an exciting time. Thanks for the memories A-trak ❤

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