The Cocktail Hour ft. 2aT

Once upon a time I had a favorite bar. I had never had a favorite bar before and this bar had it all. Good people, good music, and good drinks. Then that bad almost got shut down by developers but it never really recovered. The magic was gone, the people and the music didnt come back.. until.. now, maybe?!


I have it on good authority there will be cool people (I’m working on that) and awesome music! This is where I introduce 2aT

I was referred to mr. aT by a friend and now that I’ve peeped his Soundcloud, I’m positive this guy belongs at the Waldorf. His sets encompass all the feelings I have at that place. It’s warm and not flashy but its got a real nice groove. All I need is that steady beat and a cold beer. Lets hope this is the comeback we’ve all been waiting for!


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