The Cocktail Hour ft. noimskittles

We’re throwing a throwback electro party!

Its gonna be crunchy and heavy synths with a face full of strobe lights just like you vaugely remember from 2008. If you ever woke up in the morning sore all over from thrashing around a mosh pit to the likes of Justice or MSTRKRFT or The Bloody Beetroots then this party is for you.

We’re reliving the glory days when punks learned how to produce dance beats and electro began fermenting in the blogosphere. Remixes were king. Crookers did hip hop; A-trak was remixing indie dance; Treasure Fingers gave disco some grit; DFA1979 became MSTRKRFT. Then the French took things to a new level with Justice, SebastiAn, and even Thomas Bangalter changing the game. We were thirsty for monsterous beats but we kept it groovy at 128BPM.

One of our DJs did a sample mix of a bit of whats to come tomorrow. Get excited!

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