DJ Soo- That’s My Jam

This mix is made of sunshine and smiles 🙂

I first heard this mix one lazy afternoon at Burning Man 2015. I was relaxing up in a 200 square foot hammock with a couple friends when someone put this mix on for our free caesar bar nearby.

This was also the day I got to know Emily. Emily and I camped together at Burning Man but I’ve always connected best with people over music and I learned that Emily was the same. We laid there in the shade with a slight breeze and just talked about music. Chatted about her experience at sound engineering school and her favorite local artists. We reminisced about our favorite recent shows and how we likely shared a mosh pit or two in the day.

Emily and I smiled with every new song in this mix. “oh I love this song.. oh this takes me back.. oh this track is so timeless”

Emily was tragically taken from us in a car accident last month and this mix is my closest connection to her. It is a perfect way for me to remember her. This mix will make you dance, this mix will make you smile, and I hope it will help you remember Emily how I do. Smiling and laughing in a big hammock at Burning Man.

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